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Big Dora(Cafeteria, Bookstore, Store)





♦Big Dora
(Cafeteria, Bookstore, Store)

The living support facility West II (nicknamed "Big Dora") adopted the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) method. A Special Purpose Company (SPC) formed by six private-sector firms carries out design, construction, operation, and maintenance. Located across from the campus pedestrian mall and to the south of West Buildings 3 and 4 (engineering-related), the facility is intended to support the campus life of students and faculty members in the Ito Campus West Zone. It provides services such as a cafeteria, shops, and a bookstore.

♦Total Floor Area 2,070.15m2 ♦Building Area 1,307.38m2 ♦Num of Floors 3 ♦Structure RC

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