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Water Supply Center

Southwest Elevation   South Elevation   East Elevation
West Elevation   Entrance   South Elevation
Urban Green   Bamboo Screen   Bamboo Screen
Control Room   Water Treatment Room   Machine Room
Interior   Interior    


♦Water Supply Center

The Water Supply Center supplies drinking water and reclaimed wastewater from labs and living facilities to the entire New Campus. The outside walls are tiled, with curtain walls on the second floor. The entire roof is covered in greenery in an effort to harmonize with the natural environment. Furthermore, the treatment process for reclaimed water is open and circulation of visitors is considered so that learning about the environment can take place. In the basement, there are 30 raw water tanks and processing tanks for intermediate processing, with treatment equipment on the first and second floors.

♦Total Floor Area 2,043m2 ♦Building Area 1822m2 ♦Num of Floors B1F-2F ♦Structure RC

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