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Mansfield Award


In December 2001, former Kyushu University President Yoichi Sugioka received the Mansfield Award, which was established in 1989 by the Consulate of the United States in Fukuoka and the Fukuoka American Business Club. In recognition of the achievements of the late former United States Ambassador to Japan (1977 to 1988) Michael J. Mansfield, it is awarded annually to individuals or groups in the Kyushu/Yamaguchi area who have made outstanding contributions to Japan-US relations.
Undertaking bold reforms during his two terms, six years as President of Kyushu University, he selected a Japan-US design group including Cesar Pelli & Associates Japan to consult on a master plan for New Campus construction. He worked to build a 21st century campus as a center of excellence and made Kyushu University the first national university in Japan to accept US exchange students through the JTW program. He was highly regarded for such landmark contributions to promoting Japan-US partnerships.

Environment Prize

Environment Prize Trophy

In order to develop the vast 275 ha of hilly ground, working groups with the participation of on- and off-campus researchers and experts analyzed the campus sites and studied plans. They examined each issue such as an ecosystem and buried cultural properties, and fed them back into planning when necessary. This project was highly regarded not only as a large-scale project actively seeking to coexist with the environment by gathering on- and off-campus expertise and as a landmark model, but as an advanced example of large civil engineering projects that should be followed in future. In May 2002, the Japan Society of Civil Engineers awarded its Environment Prize to the project, which was led by Kyushu University and the Fukuoka City Land Development Corporation.

“Environment Prize” commemorative exhibition in Fukuoka city hall lobby


An exhibit commemorating the award was displayed from May 27 (Monday) through 30 (Thursday), 2002, at Fukuoka City Hall. Upon the opening of the exhibit, Kuniaki Omori, a director of the Fukuoka City Land Development Corporation, stated, “Receiving this prize is the result of the efforts of many people. I express my thanks to them”.

The first-floor lobby that housed the exhibit was divided into the Environment Prize PR Zone, the Relocation Project PR Zone, and the Introduction of Buried Cultural Properties Zone. Items on display included plants and animals such as charophytes and the clouded salamander, a model based on the Master Plan 2001, panels describing the concept of the academic research city, and a replica of the remains of an ancient forge.

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