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♦Consideration for Environment

Historical assets and important natural areas are located near the campus, and the university's coexistence with them is an important issue. The Kyushu University Integrated Relocation Project has carefully addressed each complex problem based on the storehouse of scholarship, good sense, and wisdom found in academic disciplines.

Regarding the study and preservation of sites, Kyushu University has been carefully listening to the opinions of researchers and stakeholders on and off campus, undertaking from an academic perspective to develop policies for preserving them in their present conditions to the extent possible, and, where that is impossible due to campus composition and the limits of construction technology, moving and preserving their important parts.

Meanwhile, in reclamation work by the Fukuoka City Land and Development Corporation, thorough investigation and continuous monitoring for the conservation of groundwater important for daily life and agriculture is performed. Furthermore, methods for preserving various types of trees (forest floor transplantation, root stock transplantation, tree transplantation) are applied to quickly restore green areas and minimize environmental impact. In addition, action by on-campus researchers to preserve rare plants and animals is also underway.

Ongoing environmental monitoring surveys of groundwater and ecosystems are performed. This campus development with the participation of on-campus experts received the Environment Prize of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers as a model for large-scale reclamation projects. Today as well, students and faculty members in cooperation with environmental nonprofit organizations and local volunteer organizations engage in cutting of bamboo thickets in order to restore woodlands on the New Campus.

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