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New Campus Plan

♦Ito Campus Location, Relocation Map

The spacious Ito Campus is located on 275 ha, spreading across approximately 3 km east to west and 2 km north to south and spanning from Nishi-ku in Fukuoka City and Maebaru City to Shima-machi in Itoshima-gun. It is located in the center of the Itoshima Peninsula, which is west of Hakata Bay, about 15 km and a 40-minute ride by public transportation from Tenjin in the heart of Fukuoka. Although the area is a convenient suburb of a major city, it is located in a tranquil environment with much nature remaining overlooking the Sea of Genkai. The many ruins in the area attest to its rich history and the flourishing comings and goings of people there in ancient times. Plans call for a population of about 16,000, with facilities with a total floor area of roughly 500,000 m<sup>2</sup>.

Kyushu University Campus Map:

♦Knowledge Core Project

The Kyushu University Academic City concept was based on the success of other knowledge core projects such as Silicon Valley in the United States and the Alba Project in Scotland. Advanced as a cooperative effort among industry, academia and government, the goal is to establish a locale for the creation of new knowledge for the rest of Asia and the world.

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