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New Campus Plan


Framework and guidelines for consistent long-term campus development have been collected in the “Kyushu University New Campus Master Plan 2001”.

In the Master Plan, nine targets are laid out, pointing to the creation of an excellent research and educational environment: "Coexistence of a symbolic space that creates its own traditions and a space which can flexibly change and regenerate," "Symbiosis of the eternal history and natural surroundings of the Itoshima region," and "Development of a safe and comfortable campus environment." Directives were laid out with regard to the establishment of an objective for the entire campus and a concept for the formation of space, land use, traffic conditions, infrastructure, internal spaces for research and education facilities, and phased construction and development. A block plan for Engineering, Science and Center zones has been created based on the Master Plan. Architectural design and building construction are proceeding according to this plan.

The new Kyushu University is being created so as to have a special character of its own. In the “Public Space Design Manual”, general design policies have been compiled for public spaces to be developed throughout the campus. The components of these design policies (land-scape, colors schemes, signage, trees and plants, lighting and so on) will create an attractive campus with a distinct personality and a sense of unity.

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