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New Campus Plan

3) “Towards the Master Plan” (1998–2001)

Around the time of the Basic Plan for Development (May 1998), the integrated relocation project finally moved to the stage of setting a basic plan for the entire campus (master plan). Under the New Campus Planning Committee, organizations (working groups and subgroups) were formed to study each indispensable basic issue of campus design. With the participation of about 200 faculty members, study proceeded in each specialty area.

Various issues were examined, including basic policies on transportation and on preservation of historic relics; basic concepts for zoning of departments and facilities; study of the order of relocation and confirmation of its feasibility; farm planning; the proper forms for basic infrastructure for transportation, information and communications, energy, water, and waste disposal; green area management planning; environmental impact assessment; and cooperation and interaction with the community.

The Kyushu University New Campus Master Plan 2001 was compiled in order to integrate the basic concepts and policies that had been discussed and approved, to combine site and environmental conditions with the vision for the future of the New Campus, and to systematically move forward in stages over the long term based on consistent ideas. The Kyushu University New Campus Master Plan 2001 indicated broad framework policies such as land use and other spatial composition and transportation, moving towards realization of basic principles for the New Campus reflecting university reform. Subsequent policies on management and operation of area basic design are based on the Kyushu University New Campus Master Plan 2001, which could be called the constitution of the New Campus.

Overall goals for the New Campus

  • Establishment of spatial composition and management/operation to realize the principle of an academic center/research institution
  • Construction of an integrated research and educational environment for a university supported by a nationwide framework
  • Strategic fostering of the "Town on Campus" center for industry-academia and community cooperation and international exchange with a perspective that includes management
  • Vitalization of research and education and promotion of lifestyle support through utilization of private-sector facilities and encouragement of relocation
  • Coexistence of symbolic spaces that create their own traditions and spaces that can flexibly change and regenerate
  • Coexistence with the eternal history and natural surroundings of the Itoshima region
  • Development of a safe, secure, and comfortable campus environment
  • Formation of a sustainable campus supported by diverse technologies
  • Construction of an experimental city that takes on the challenge of creating new systems

(What is a master plan?)

Generally speaking, a master plan is a public document regarding a city's goals for the future and the necessary basic policies to achieve them. For large-scale campuses, campus master plans indication goals and visions for the future are necessary. The Kyushu University New Campus Master Plan 2001 indicates policies for the formation of a framework for spatial composition such as land use and transportation required by a university campus.

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