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New Campus Plan

Towards Creation of a Campus in the 21st Century

Based on the concepts "autonomous change with the times and construction of an open university that maintains vitality" and "creation of education and research centers appropriate for this," Kyushu University is constructing its New Campus (Ito Campus) in an area spanning the Motooka/Kuwabara district in Fukuoka City's Nishi-ku, Maebaru City, and Shima-machi. It will relocate and integrate its Hakozaki Ropponmatsu, and Haru-machi campuses there. In October 2005, about half the university's engineering-related faculties moved to the New Campus and began activities there. Located in a convenient suburb amidst the rich natural area of the Itoshima Peninsula, the New Campus (Ito Campus) operates as the core of an academic research city built on cooperation among industry, government, and academia.

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